Ryan Robinet Commits to the University of Toronto 2011


  • Admitted to The University of Toronto's PHD Program in Accounting
  • Currently recovering from  ACL & MCL surgery in order to play PG for the U of Toronto this upcoming season (2011-2012) with two years of eligibility remaining.
  • Graduate of Hillsdale College 2011 Business Degree
  • Full Ride Scholarship to D2 Hillsdale College.
  • First Team All Star Windsor 2007.
  • Played on Team Michigan AAU 2006 (with University of Michigan's Manny Harris, Deshawn Sims and Tennessee's Ramar Smith.
  • Also played against OJ Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies and Bill Walker of the Boston Celtics).
  • Averaged over 20ppg in all Detroit Michigan High School Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Leagues as a Jr and Sr.
  • One of the only Riverside High School Boys Basketball players to receive a Basketball Scholarship.
  • 20ppg Sr year of High School.
  • Played Varsity Sr Boys Basketball in Grade 9.
  • Started as a Sophomore and was a City All Star in Grade 10.
  • Rebounded from a disappointing Jr year of high school where he was not even an All Star in the City of Windsor, to receiving a Scholarship 2 years later.
  • Manager of an Accounting Firm at 27
  • Assistant Professor U of T
  • Assistant Men's Basketball Coach U of T

*Jamie says, "From 8th to 12th Grade, no one displayed more heart, hustle and determination in overcoming vicious unfair obstacles than Ryan Robinet. With his unmatched willingness to truly put in the work; he made his critics in this city look amateurish."




  • Full Ride Scholarship to NAIA Graceland University in Iowa.
  • Graduate of Graceland University 2008 with a degree in Physical Education
  • Graduate of University of Windsor's Teachers College in 2009.
  • Currently Teaching Physical Education in Windsor.

Jamie says, "For a male player from Windsor with such a late start at EBTA, he exceeded all expectations. Currently a Public School Teacher in the Elementary Panel."

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