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Refurbished Robinet Has a Better Rating

July 28, 2006

Whether it was people he knew or was meeting for the first time, a fair amount believed Ryan Robinet’s scholarship aspirations were a waste of time.

But they didn't really know Ryan Robinet, what's in his heart or in his mind.

One thing the naysayer’s should know now is that their words of discouragement were just the motivation Robinet needed to score a big jump in his development this past season. He became a prime-time player for the first time, won the respect of teams, coaches and players in Detroit. One of the top players in all of Canada and, today, is moving into setting his goals for college.

"A lot of people told me I couldn't make it, to focus on something else," Robinet said from Elite Basketball Training Academy, where he's been working out everyday since the end of his grade 8 basketball season. "They were saying it's not going to happen. The people I didn't know, I would just laugh and keep moving. The people I knew, from around the way, I'd always be with somebody, my friends, and they would usually do the talking for me. And most importantly I had Jamie Stewart by my side. He has always stood by me."

Robinet, 6 feet 2, worked out for Oakland University on Tuesday and Robert Morris University on Thursday. He's also scheduled to work out for Cornell on Monday and Princeton on Wednesday. Princeton is seriously considering offering, and Robert Morris said he would compete for a starting position for them next year if he decides to come.

Most of the major recruiting websites have Robinet going anywhere from Low to Mid level Division 1. He has a workout Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif., before two dozen scouts and coaches, to be run by Jamie Stewart, his trainer from EBTA. It's a chance to help solidify a higher ranking and position.

"I think Ryan Robinet could be a real surprise in college," said Jamie Stewart, EBTA founder & executive director of basketball operations. "With his size, range on the jumper, instincts, work-ethic, and this year, his passing took a major step forward. If I were him, my ultimate goal would be to one day play professionally overseas. However; only if he remained as dedicated to the game everyday like he has been in High School. Most players get to college and party their talents away. If he is capable of abstaining from those temptations and career killers (as we at the Academy call them), he has a legitimate chance at becoming possibly the best basketball player ever out of this area."

It's been a giant leap, from an energetic, athletic but excitable player who struggled to stay on the floor because of turnovers, to one who on many nights was an offensive terror and could be an offensive monster, such as the time he scored 48 points all over a team from Michigan.

Robinet, who averaged 29 points, 6.6 rebounds and 6 assists, had some explosive jump shooting displays this past summer, but nothing close to what he went through his first three years at Brennan High School.

Now the biggest reward for his hard work is only a few weeks away, when signs the Official Letter of Intent to play College Basketball at a College 2 hours from his doorstep.

"It's crazy," said Robinet, represented by EBTA chief Jamie Stewart. "It's like I don't know how to explain it. I feel like my whole experience, from where I came from, has made me a stronger player and person all around."

What's cool to hear is the confidence in Robinet’s voice when he talks about playing at the next level. He drew some encouragement from practicing every day against Dan Trepanier and Andre Smyth, who are both entering their sophomore seasons with Columbia University and Central Michigan University respectively.

"I used to hold my own pretty well against Dan & Andre," Robinet said. "And they were tops in all of Canada. So I knew if I kept working hard I had a good shot."

He'll continue to work hard for his college coaches, the way he did at EBTA under Jamie Stewart.

Stewart says with confidence that a professional career overseas is a realistic aspiration for Robinet.

“I have never seen a harder working kid than Ryan. He has a chance to be the best high school point guard ever to come out of this area. I’ll go on record to say that if he works everyday at the same level that he has worked at in high school, and continues to train with Elite Basketball Training Academy during t his summer months for all 4 years of college, that he will be a pro overseas.”

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