"The Summer Workout Program of a College All American"

Bobby Hurley`s father (Bobby Hurley Sr.) was a kind enough man to talk to the coaches & campers at Five Star Basketball Camp in Honesdale PA, during the summer of 1995, where Jamie was a Coach Counsellor, and let us know “what it really takes in devising a professional workout program  condusive to ongoing improvements in order to be an overacheiver & champion!”

Jamie’s High School & College Idol & future 1st round NBA Draft Pick (#7 overall in 1993)

``Not bad for a 6`0 160lbs white kid eh?``


 "Duke University All American & NCAA All Time Assists Leader, Bobby Hurley’s 1992 Summer Workout Regiment 

500 Jump Shots;                         3 times per week (1 Hour)

500 Free Throws;                       3 times per week (1 Hour)

500 Crunches;                            3 times per week (30 Mins)

Weights;                                      3 times per week (1 Hour)

Jog 5 Miles;                                 3 times per week (30 Mins)

Strength Shoe Program;          3 times per week (1 Hour)

Scrimmage 5 on 5;                    5 times per week (1 Hour)

This carefully developed workout program equals 20 hours per week dedicated to improving his game constructively.

R U doing this?

If not; stop talking about being unlucky or dissapointed about your on court performance because the only people that R ``lucky`` in basketball & in life R people that R extremely hard workers.

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