Professional Players $100. High School Players, 7th & 8th Grade School Players & 3rd-6th Grade $50/day


Professional Players $1000 Week. High School Players $500/week. Grade School Players $400 & $300/week


Professional Players $10,000 Full Summer or $1000 Weekly. High School Players $5000. Grade School Players $4000 & 3000

OUT of TOWN Players

$10,000 Covers 3-4 Meals a Day, Housing, 2 Gym Memberships ,  2-3 Summer Leagues in Detroit , MI, 1-2 Summer League in Windsor & $20 spending Money Monday through Friday


``There is nothing in life that I enjoy more than being in the gym with a motivated aspiring basketball player truly dedicated to becoming the best player he or she can possibly be. It is a true obsession for me that I can not escape. When a player is dedicated & loyal to my training, their development is on my mind 24 hours a day; & I don't miss anything. At the end of a training  day, I go home & study your position based on similar sized players at every level of basketball, from multiple Countries, based on your body type, position, athletic ability & create ways I can continue to make you a better player. I can forecast exactly where I think a player can aspire to as far as level of NCAA play if they follow the process in direct accordance to my teaching & immediate recommendations.

In 2001, when I first started training players in Windsor I saw two kids play for 1 hour & immediately went to them  individually stating, `If you dedicate yourself to my Basketball Player Development Program, you will be a D1 player when you graduate High School`. People in the area were shocked. Basketball Training was brand new to the basketball community that `unknowledgeable coaches, teachers & parents` began saying that I was lying to the kids, that they would never get Basketball Scholarships & I was stealing their money. Four years later I had those same 2 players Top 5 in Canada & signed with NCAA D1 programs.

Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to display my player development capabilities with a Big Man. When I first started training him, he was a complete joke. Mocked & teased unmercifully by his teammates, local basketball coaches & players on a daily basis; I had him on Canada`s National Team 8 months later. Three years later he was offered a Full Ride Scholarship to The Big Ten`s Northwestern University with Duke & Michigan aggressively recruiting.

My Basketball Academy is not for  the  unmotivated player. You have to be committed to WORK, Real Work. This is a serious program that will CHANGE  your game, body, mind & future forever. The focus throughout the year is God, family, education, ebta, nutrition, weights, games, studying & sleep. You will improve beyond your wildest dreams & I will be there every step of the way. I won`t rest until you reach your potential.

The definition of INSANITY is continuing to do the same thing & expecting different results. Don`t imitate what the Windsor basketball community has been doing for decades & getting underachieving results. So many players could have come to ebta & received NCAA Basketball Scholarships (2 could have been NBA Draft picks) & made their parents financial lives much easier.``

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