Mike Luby 7'0 280lbs Manitoba, Canada
"I've been all over America playing basketball and have worked out with top level coaches from nationally ranked juco's and NCAA schools.  Jamie is on there level if not above when it comes to details and foot work in the post.  I had the opportunity to workout with him for a short time and I feel like I improved my game a lot because Jamie was able to spot out and correct my bad habits."


Miroslav Jaksic 6’11 190bs 16Year old Class of 2014 High D1 Potential Walled Lake Western H.S. in Michigan


I really wish I would have known about Jamie and his program when I was in grade 5 or 6! Imagine where I would be right now? I joined EBTA in July of 2010 & in 2 years with Jamie I have transformed myself from a struggling 6'6 160lbs Jr boys basketball player who barely started on my team; to a 6'11 190lb player who now plays for a former NBA scout at Walled Lake Western HS in Michigan, & am being heavily recruited by Big Ten Schools, a solid offer on the table from Eastern Michigan University & more excited than ever to continued development with a Pro Career a reality.

Before Jamie Stewart & ebta, I couldnt shoot the jumper, now I have 3 point range. Before I couldnt handle the ball, now I can put it on the floor in a game & go in for the dunk. I'm still learning how to establish myself in the post against the double team without panicking, but my footwork in the post is night and day since joining EBTA.

I feild calls from Prep & Private High Schools in the U.S on a weekly basis, made the U17 Provincial & Canadian National Team.

I used to get teased & mocked by opposing players & even my own teamates at Herman HS? Now they ask me what schools are calling Jamie about me.

Jamie teaches NBA level posts moves, puts me through Killer Individual Post Workouts & has terrifying & demanding workouts coming out of his ears. I learn something new every workout. He even makes me lift hard during the season!

I know if I just continue with EBTA and move forward with my newfound strong work ethic, all my basketball dreams will become reality. Just check Jamie's record. 100% scholarship graduation rate!

And they said all he could produce were guards? I'm glad I 'NEVER' listened to anyone concerning Jamie's knowledge. His workouts & results speak for themselves.


Lerren Ducharme 5’10 145lbs. Sr. SG Villanova HS

Lerren Ducharme
2010 Windsor Ms. Basketball
Member of Senior Boys Basketball Team at St. Thomas of Villanova 2010-2011
Full Scholarship to Kent State University 

Sarah Noble American International College. Springfield, MA.


“The Only Two Time Mr. Basketball in the History of Windsor”

Dan Trepanier Graduate D1 Columbia University
I can assure you that there could no better candidate for this position than Jamie Stewart of Windsor Ontario Canada. As a former Division 1 player who was highly recruited by the likes of Stanford and Michigan University and recently graduated from prestigious Ivy League Columbia University, I’ve been exposed to many great coaches and can honestly say that none are as organized, as knowledgeable or as hard-working as Jamie. He is truly a basketball connoisseur who lives and breathes the game and is always looking for new methods of improvement.

I’ve known Jamie for approximately twelve years, since he took me under his wing at the age of 12 and literally taught me everything I know about the game. Through his daily rigorous training system he turned me from a non player into the third best player in the country in 2005-2006 ( His personally engineered training system covers every part of the game; whether it is skill evaluation, weaknesses, determination, film study, form shooting, ball handling, conditioning, strength training, mental training, strategy formation, or confidence building, Jamie has it thought out and coaches with inspiring charisma. Additionally to serving as a prominent leader, Jamie served as a friend and father figure to all of his players. He has a magnetic personality and he truly cares about his players and goes out of his way in order to help them.

“Five years of operation, 5 full ride scholarships. Then the rap on Jamie was that he was a College Point Guard and can only produce guards. The he produced a D1 All Canadian Small Forward in Andre Smyth. Now he in the midst of producing a D1 Bigman in 6’8 PF Miroslav Jaksic. Imagine if he had his own University team? Imagine that for a minute?”

Ryan Robinet Graduate Hillsdale College
“Jamie Stewart has the experience, passion & most importantly NBA knowledge of the game in forcing you to improve considerably. All his players have great form & accuracy on the jumper. They lift weights 5-6 days a week. They shoot 5,000 shots a week during the summer. No one in the country can compete with that!
This was our Summer 2010 Schedule that helped me loose 20lbs and resurrect my NCAA College career;
Monday’s through Saturday’s
8am-12pm consisted of Jamie’s on court NBA Workouts (no breaks either).
3pm-5pm EBTA’s Weight Training program.
6pm-8pm EBTA’s 90 minute Track Workout/U.S. College Summer Leagues/Scrimmage 5 on 5 in Windsor or EBTA’s Shot Making Workout.
Jamie trains his players on a truly professional level. His results over the years will go unmatched and are legendary”

Hillsdale College player Ryan Robinet
“Stewart is the recruiter who drew Andre Smyth to Windsor, produced EBTA from scratch by developing Smyth & Trepanier into High School All Canadians. I was the worst player on my grade 8 travel team 5 years ago with the least amount of potential; it was Jamie’s program that transformed me into a Scholarship basketball player (None of the other players on that team received scholarships). He will raise the standards, work ethic and passion to whichever school gives him a chance! He’s everything a University should look for when searching for a coach.”

Graceland University Guard Josh Abbey

As a former NAIA division 1 player myself, whom went through 3 different coaches during my tenure, I can assure you I have experienced every kind.
I have known Jamie for approximately 10 years.  I was one of the first members of his basketball training academy that he put together from scratch; which ultimately turned into the best basketball training academy in the country.  His personally engineered drills and routines turned me into the player I am today, and earned me a full athletic scholarship. He tackled every aspect of the game whether it be self-evaluation, mental training, conditioning, strength training, team strategy, shooting, ball handling.  Most importantly I acquired traits that will last me a lifetime such a determination, dedication and how to be a leader and role model.  Jamie’s blue collar work ethic mixed with his passion for the game and the development of players is unmatched.

Jamie has been an immense impact in my life and will always be a close friend and mentor.  Jamie has always served as more than just a coach to his players.  As a result, players always treat him with the upmost respect.

Graceland University Guard Josh Abbey
"Jamie Stewart played in Windsor, West Virginia, Connecticut, & Detroit, coached in Connecticut, Windsor & Detroit, and has intelligently incorporated all of his knowledge into EBTA. He is a detail-oriented teacher, and that comes from his absolutely unmatched work ethic towards life, success and basketball. No one ever will out work him.”

Central Michigan’s Andre Smyth
Nike All-Canadian 2005
I have known Jamie since I was 16 years old where he took me under his wing and transformed me from an average high school basketball player in Windsor, ON to a division 1 starting basketball player at Central Michigan University. In less than 2 years with Jamie working on skill development, weight training and mental aspects of the game, I became a division 1 prospect being recruited by the likes of the University of Pittsburgh, Rhode Island and eventually signing with Central Michigan University.

Jamie is a relentless worker that gives his utmost effort in everything he sets his mind on doing. He is willing to spent long hours in the gym with his players, as he as done with me, helping to make them the best players they can be. Discussing this job opportunity with him, it seems that he is extremely committed and excited with the opportunity to obtain the job at the University of Winnipeg and transforming the program into a top contender on a national level.

Another thing that I have noticed about Jamie is his great interpersonal skills with players. Throughout high school he has been very approachable helping me get through struggles by providing positive feedback and constructive criticism in order to help me get back to playing confidently and at a high level.  I also have seen these caring qualities with other players he has worked with over the years.

Jamie is also a very good motivator. He understands that every player is different and to get the best out of them he may have to use different communication approaches. At the same time, he still treats all his players as equals. Jamie is also very enthusiastic while he coaches and instructs his players. You won’t find a better teacher around when it comes to basketball, he explains things thoroughly and clearly and he notices the small details that make a difference.






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