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Jamie Stewart’s Elite Basketball Training Academy 

At the Jamie Stewart’s ‘ELITE BASKETBALL TRAINING ACADEMY’, the stars come in all sizes, yet somehow they all shine with equal brightness.

DeShawn Stewart is just a few short weeks past his sixth birthday and still a few hearty breakfasts shy of four feet, but on this day at the Academy's summer basketball training sessions in Windsor, he's getting a taste of that sweet star-feeling. Read more.......

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Refurbished Robinet Has a Better Rating

July 28, 2006

Whether it was people he knew or was meeting for the first time, a fair amount believed Ryan Robinet’s scholarship aspirations were a waste of time.

But they didn't really know Ryan Robinet, what's in his heart or in his mind.

One thing the naysayer’s should know now is that their words of discouragement were just the motivation Robinet needed to score a big jump in his development this past season. He became a prime-time player for the first time, won the respect of teams, coaches and players in Detroit. One of the top players in all of Canada and, today, is moving into setting his goals for college. Read more......

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Jamie Stewart helps makes Scholarship dreams a reality at Elite Basketball Training Academy 

As the High School & College Basketball season nears, Jamie Stewart's workouts help prospects boost their stock.

Times Staff Writer
Published August 16, 2006

WINDSOR ONTARIO CANADA - Here in the Automotive Capital of Canada, a new Legend has sprung to life in the past four years. And it is making believers out of college coaches & professional basketball players with big dreams for basketball stardom.

Several blue-chip prospects - including University of Central Arkansas’ Imad Quwash, Columbia University’s Dan Trepanier, Central Michigan University’s Andre Smyth and Graceland University’s Josh Abbey, and top 25 high school basketball player in Canada Ryan Robinet- have been regular visitors during the summer months to Elite Basketball Training Academy Read more..........


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