Upon scouting a high profile tournment in Windsor (2009) a young PG from the Toronto area caugnt Jamie's eye. Jamie felt that with this player's natural ability combined with the development program that EBTA prescribes to, Jamie could turn this kid into a solid mid to high Division 1 PG. This is the recruting & scouting report Jamie provided to the young man in an effort to convince him to come down to Windsor and train.

“Here are some of the things I want to assist you in addressing in your pursuit to become the best basketball player you can be”

1. Developing multiple off the dribble moves (with both hands) in order to break that defender down off the dribble to get to the whole or pull up for that 3 point, or 17 foot J

2. Being able to get up as high off the right leg and finish for the dunk similar to how high you elevate off the left leg

3. Being able to penetrate hard against pressure to the left and finish in traffic with the left

4. An efficient & consistent in between game

5. An efficient 'Guard Post Up Game' (just in case you grow another 8 inches in a year)

Being able to shoot the 3 going hard right , left, straight on and against pressure

6. Being able to shoot the NBA 3 (in a game, not just practice)

7. Quicker release on the catch and shoot 3 pointer (on the swing or kick out)(I teach the proper footwork for this

8. Full concentration in the half court defensive set, no turning of the head, getting lost in the trees or straightening up on weak side help

9. Stronger on the ball defence, need to be able to pick up full all game from the point guard spot (Be a suffocating presence)

10. Be a disruption in the half court defensive set on the ball, push him away, push him away from the screen and rolls, don't allow him to do what he wants to do on the first option

11. More defensive rebounding (using the athleticism)

12. We are going to hit the weights ensuring on the court strength improvements , not weight room strength that cannot translate to on the court strength 

13. Pushing the ball up with blazing speed in transition (instant fast break stuff-" I actually have a workout for this called the Jason Kidd Workout!")

14. Being able to face the defender up off the catch in a half court set, and using varying footwork (jab step series stuff-I have over 30 moves for this) get to the rim (using varying to the rim moves) or pull up for the surprise J

15. Being able to pass the ball with efficiency off the dribble with the left hand with the same accuracy you exude with the right hand (Steve Nash). I apply the 'Nash Series' to some of my workouts

16. Being able to hit teammates with the hit ahead pass from distance (30-40 foot hard and efficient chest pass) Kenny Anderson Stuff

17. Reading the defence and finding the open area on the court to attack (where are the holes in the defence and when should I attack them?)

18. A 'Go to Move'. Off the Catch and Off the Dribble (When in Doubt? Use your 'Go to Move')

“My workouts over the course of the week cover every one of these aspects.”

If you come for a weekend, this is what we will do:


Get you settled in to where you’re going to stay (Hotel, Motel, family or if I have one of my Condo's empty-you and your family can stay there)


AM-              Eat Nutritiously

AM-              One of my Full Court Workouts

Mid day-        Intense Upper Body Weightlifting Session

                        Immediately followed by Shooting (500-100) J's

PM-               Eat Nutritiously

PM-               Half Court off the Catch Workout

PM-               Eat Nutritiously


AM-               Eat Nutritiously

AM-               Moves off the Dribble Workout

Mid day-         Intense Lower Body Weightlifting Session 

                         Immediately followed by Shooting (500-100) J's

PM-               Eat Nutritiously

PM-               Ball handling Workout

PM-               Eat Nutritiously

If you come for the  summer, this is our schedule

8am-12pm        EBTA Workout

12pm-1pm        Ice, Eat, Rest & Film Sessions

1pm-2pm          Intense Weightlifting Session

2pm-4pm          Shooting (500-1000)

7pm-8pm          Summer League Game in one of our Pro or College Leagues in Detroit, Michigan

9:'30pm             "Lights Out"

This is why all of my players improve dramatically every year. Because we don't just talk about getting better, we sacrifice, and work to get better EVERYDAY!

I hope you can see the sincerity in my words and passion for helping players OVERACHIEVE. I can make you better than you originally thought you could be.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jamie Stewart


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