Felix Bain

2022 6'3 160lbs Lefty SG 

A Average in School

2 D1, 2 D2, 2 NAIA & 1 JC Showing interest

Averaging 20 plus pts & 6 Threes per game in Michigan Leagues

Showing Scholarship Potential!




David Bain

2024 5'8 125lbs PG

A Minus Average in School

Averaging 10 plus pts per Game in our HS Leagues in Michigan

Showing Scholarship potential!


Jacy China

2027 5'2 100lbs PG

B Average in School

Playing in our HS Leagues in Michigan & surviving






Nik Veigli

2015 Mr Basketball

6`0 Sr PG 150lbs Essex Hs

Dropped 45pts in a game this season.



Multiple 30pt games. Has improved significantly since October when he first began attending sessions at the Academy on a part time basis; which brings encouragement and inspiration to what level of improvements can be gained from March-August when he begins training on a fulltime basis. This PG has a tremendous work ethic, is extremely coachable, and the future is bright for Nik over the next 5-8 years as a basketball player. Either going to sign in the CIS, NAIA, D2 this spring/summer or take a full year to train with the Academy while taking University courses towards an Exercise Science Degree & sign with an NCAA school this Fall or Spring 2016.

``There is absolutely no wasted time explaining to Nik why we are concentrating on a certain skill or drill. I make my assessment as to what is needed for him to improve upon, create the drill, tell him what the task is & `on the fly` reason why & for how long we will do it. From there, he performs the drill with passion, enthusiasm, hustle and conviction. That`s why he has progressed at this rate. Some players come to the Academy with uncertainty, ask a million questions during the workout, are curious as to why they are working on certain skills/drills and its wasted time they could have spent making improvements with total focus & concentration. Which is why they usually don`t pan out. Nik is a true Òld School` ebta guy through & through. Trepanier, Smyth, Robinet & Abbey would of loved working side by side with this kid! If Nik would have started with the Academy in grade 8, he would of been already signed, sealed & delivered to a D1 school by now! And that is a true compliment 100%``

Jamie Stewart

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