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Elite Basketball Training Academy is a World Level Basketball Skills Development Program. We offer the highest and most intense level of skill development and training to self-motivated players of all ages. During the Academic Calendar year (Sept-June), we train 40-50 hrs per month & play 2-4 Games in our Michigan Leagues. We lift Weights 6 days a week along with Yoga, Swimming, Plyometric Training for lower body Explosiveness & emphasise weakness assessment strategies. During the Summer Months, we train 70-80 hours per week , lift weights 6 days a week and play 7-8 games per week ALL SUMMER LONG!

EBTA holds a 100% Scholarship Graduation rate to players who attend on a daily basis! 100% !!!

For more information and enrolment details call 519-990-5026 and speak to Jamie Stewart directly.


" I have trained players from very position on the basketball court to NCAA Scholarships! RESULTS DON'T LIE!"

About Jamie Stewart

 Jamie Stewart has established himself as a premier development coach in Canada. Jamie re-introduced EBTA to develop professional level skills and work ethics conducive to getting to that next level with the most intense and demanding workouts ever created.

EBTA Philosophy

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    As a PLAYER I OVERACHIEVED based on my BRAIN & PASSION for the game... ""I never let anyone outwork me!""

    "30pts, 11asts, 6Rebs, 4Stls Sr Yr High School"

    "Three Time NCAA Captain"

    "20pts, 8asts, 5rbs, 5stls off Bench as a Fr in 1st College Home Game vs Future 2nd Round Draft Pick in NBA"

    "20pts in a half Freshman Yr"

    "2nd in NCAA Conference in Asts 2 Straight Years"

    "Averaged 25pts, 8Asts, 5Rebs, 5Stls SR in College before Injury"


    As a Coach I OVERACHIEVE based on my BRAIN & PASSION for Player Development... "I never let anyone outwork me!"

    ``The Basketball Whisperer``


    ``Kyrie Irving/Steph Curry Style Ballhandling Instructor``

    ``An NBA Big Man Camp``

    ``Player Development Guru @ every position``

    ``Perimeter, Low Post, Shooting & Ballhandling Footwork Expert``

    "Produced 4 Mr/Ms Basketball Players"

    "Produced D1 Players at every position"

    "My results go unmatched!"

    "My players get NCAA Scholarships!"


    Turning your weaknesses into strengths & your strengths into weapons!

    ``Avoid people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. But the special ones make you believe that greatness is attainable.``

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