About Our Program

We are the Elite Basketball Training Academy

Jamie Stewart is widely considered to display NBA Level knowledge in the area of Player Development. As a three year NCAA Captain, Jamie Stewart was scouted by the Utah Jazz & the L.A. Clippers, offered professional contracts in Europe, tryouts in the CBA & USBL.
EBTA was established in 2001 & has produced amazing results with limited athletes to work with in the depleted Windsor (hockey crazed) area. EBTA’s year round training regiment is professionally designed, innovative and intense. Jamie has trained players trying out for NBA, Overseas & Semi Pro teams, on NCAA D1 Scholarships, CIS, High School & even motivated Grade School players.
Elite Basketball Training Academy is the Premier Player Development Basketball Academy in Canada & arguably in North America! The Academy offers the highest & most intense level of skill development training to all ages. The Academy is dedicated to a ‘Professional Style of Basketball Training’ for self motivated players only.
Elite’s workouts are intense, cutting edge & motivated to produce the best basketball players possible. EBTA is dedicated to becoming the best basketball Academy that it can be. We have the desire, now all we need are the hard working basketball players to match Jamie`s intensity.


We are the best

EBTA is a professional year round basketball training program specifically designed to teach advanced level basketball techniques needed for an athlete to redefine their skills.

We create opportunity

From 2001-2011, EBTA has produced 6 Full ride scholarship players; Each who have gone into a professional field. EBTA provides for a holistic style of living promoting academics and basketball.

We are competitive

We train Monday-Friday, 3 hours per day during the school year; and Monday-Friday, 4-7 hours per day during the summer. We are also competitive in the U.S Fall, Spring & Summer Leagues, OBA & AAU Teams throghout the entire year

Scholarship Winners

Dan Trepanier

High School All Canadian Ranked #8 player in the Country in 2005. Full Scholarship to Columbia University in NY Mr. Basketball 2004 and 2005

John Abbey

Full Scholarship to Graceland University in Iowa

Andre Smyth

High School All Canadian Ranked #12 in 2005 Full Scholarship to Central Michigan University in MI

Sarah Noble

Full Scholarship to American International University

Ryan Robinet

High School All Canadian Full Scholarships to Hillsdale University in MI

Lerren Dusharme

Full Scholarship to Kent State University. Mr.Basketball in 2010 40pts vs. Riverside HS 2010